A guy from Berkane is talking to his friend, he says “oh man, people from Casablanca are so generous”.

“Why?” the second  guy answers.

“Man, they take you out, they pay for your dinner in a restaurant, then they give you 300dh (30$)”.

“Who told you this?” the second guy asks.

He says: “my sister”.

gallik hada wa7ed berkani kay3awed l sa7bou : wa sa7bi hadouk casawa ch7al kram goullou sa7bou : 3lach gallih : wah a sa7bi y3erdouk ,ykhellsou 3lik le diner berra w ybeytouk m3ahoum mnin tkoun jay y9et3ou lik car en plus ye3tiwk 300 dhs houwa yjawbou sa7bou : chkoun gallik had chi? Gallou : khti